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A Singaporean’s Financial Independence Journey – December 2017

MrLifeCEO - A Singaporean's FI Journey - December 2017

It’s finally a wrap and the numbers are in.

December was a great month! I’ve received the payout for the maturity of a 28-year insurance policy. Something that my parents initially bought to “help out” a relative of mine back then. I suppose we all had that one relative who needed “help” at some point of our lives, don’t we?

Most of these insurance-investment stuff are crap but apparently, this one turned out rather OK. I had the policy vetted by a friend working in the industry when I first became aware of it. The payout was slightly less than twice the premium put into it over 28-years. So when you think of it as doubling my dad’s investment over 28 years, by the rule of 72, that works out to about 2.57% p.a. returns. This amount may be lesser than the returns you will get from 30-year Singapore government bonds at par value (2.75%), but it was the best investment vehicle my parents knew of at that time.

December was also a great month for cryptos. My Litecoin and Ethereum speculation finally took off. I should have taken some profits off the table but as with all things, it is hard to predict the markets. Still its still sitting at approximately 4 times what I had initially put in, so that’s good.

So overall, the numbers for 2017 ended up being slightly skewed. The markets are all doing really good. So good I really wished I had put more into it since knowing that I will be getting my insurance maturity payment to make up for it. But that’s the thing isn’t it? We just don’t know where the market is going and even if we did, we probably don’t have the spare liquidity to capitalize on it at that point. Just have to wait for the next dip.

Yet I did make a few investments that took off the last month, such as ASCENDAS REIT and ES3, so that was good. Still, I really can’t put anymore into the markets at this point considering everything is at an all-time high. Gotta get rid of this thinking! I’m seriously, SERIOUSLY considering signing up for those dollar-cost-averaging monthly invest-saver accounts thingies. Just couldn’t get over my own urge to time the market.


Key Statistics

Stats / Average YTD till October 2017SoloVarianceCombinedVariance
Net Worth:$160,260.80+38.39%$219,632.75+35.25%
Savings Rate:60.69%+5.22%56.78%+0.9%
I/We can stop working for:41 months+36.67%41 months+32.26%
Passive Income / Month:$167.22-6.11%$219.68-5.92%
F.I Ratio:4.3%-0.34%4.18-0.25%

Doesn’t seem like much progress in the area of F.I. Ratio, but other numbers certainly had a good boost.

F.U.$ can last more than 3 years now, so that’s something to throw a handful of confetti for. Need to put the money to work soon, but the market is so exuberant right now.

MrLifeCEO - ES3 Chart - December 2017
As of this writing, I COULD have made some gains if I had purchased some ETF at the end of the year instead of thinking that the market is currently overpriced. Well, I didn’t.

Here’s our overall progress.

MrLifeCEO - Combined Statistics - Dec2017

My crypto investment had a large role to play in this upward shot (to the moon I hope). I didn’t put too much into speculation, just enough to not make me lose too much sleep if I were to lose everything. Keep in mind that the funds used here are part of my Variable Portfolio.



In terms of expenses for December, here’s the distribution.

MrLifeCEO - Expense Distribution - Dec2017

Basically, bought tickets back to Taiwan for CNY 2018.

Shopping-wise, here’s what I bought:

  1.  A Steam Controller – I’m like on a gaming spree or something since the Nintendo Switch purchase, now exploring all my old PC games with the Steam Controller on my GPD Win. It’s pretty good I must say.
  2. A Ledger Nano S – Since my crypto investments have ballooned in value, it’s time to upgrade my paper wallets to a hardware wallet of industrial grade security.
  3. 5 Tubes of Blackmores Vitamin E Cream – For the missus.
  4. 128GB Sandisk Micro SD Card – Expandable Storage for my new GPD Win.
  5. Feiyue Black Shoes – My Nike was so worn out, sort of hurt my right knee. Went shopping for a new Nike but they’re just so expensive, I guess knowing the cost price of an item really changes one’s spending habits. Anyway, was a good opportunity to get a pair of Feiyues — have always wanted to try out free running.

Actually there are some additional costs here that have inflated this value, perhaps I need a new expense category for such refundable items.

  1. Remainder of 12-month installment for failed GPD Win Purchase – For accounting purposes, my OCBC credit card deducted the remaining installment before crediting back the full amount of the purchase back.
  2. Failed purchase of another Ledger Nano S – Put an order through a vendor that ran out of stock, cost will be refunded.

Therefore, my shopping expenses are theoretically lesser than this. Slightly off-tangent in terms of tracking, but out comes a new expense category from this learning experience.


Where We Stand

Here comes the most exciting part for me every time — the glimmer of hope for a ticket out of this miserable work-life circus filled with stupid clowns…

MrLifeCEO - FI Milestones- Dec2017

Looks like we’ve advanced more than a third our way through fully-funding the non-discretionary portion of most difficult living expense category. Which is great progress! Definitely some significant advances when compared to last month.

How I look forward for the green column to fully cover that third column! I need to get out of here.

It’s another like what? 9 years to go?

Since it is the end of the year, let’s check in on my DEADLine Countdown Calendar.

MrLifeCEO - Deadline Countdown (with FIRE target) - Dec2017

The blue box is the week that I can technically say good bye to the rat race! That section in red sure has filled up quite a bit since the first time I came up with this.

So close… yet so far!! Onward we push… may I last through 2018.

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