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A Singaporean’s Financial Independence Journey – November 2017

Boy, I’m really dragging my feet for this one.

November was an interesting month, especially for cryptocurrency. My crypto investment has seen volatile up and down swings in my variable portfolio since they have been added, but things seem to be finally looking up for these virtual currencies.

I have got to push out these updates closer to the beginning of the month but since getting the Nintendo Switch, and most recently Doom for the Switch, I had been too preoccupied running through hell on my thumbs.

The Switch was an amazing purchase. The wife and I had great fun with Mario Kart 8. I had hell of a few good adrenaline rush with Doom. Value definitely delivered, but the problem is that games are not cheap. I found that the missus liked to play old games for the Gameboy and PSP and we’re both not that well versed with the newer stuff. Not to forget games for the Switch are not exactly cheap either. Will the value of the Switch end with Doom?

That’s why I had started looking at the GPD Win. Will it provide more value than the Switch? Something tells me so — but that’s not the discussion for today.


Key Statistics

Stats / Average YTD till October 2017SoloVarianceCombinedVariance
Net Worth:$115,806.02+11.42%$165,994.62+7.56%
Savings Rate:55.47%-0.51%55.88%+0.18%
Actual Return:22.89%+15.53%6.43%+1.81%
I/We can stop working for:30 months+7.14%31 months+6.9%
Passive Income / Month:$178.100.05%$233.50+1.22%
F.I Ratio:4.64%0.01%4.43%-0.05%

As I’ve said earlier, November had been an interesting month. My investments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are starting to show some upward movements. As such, it has boosted my returns to a whopping 22.89%.

This definitely makes for some good news but I want to be clear: I am vested because I believe in the technology and not just in for the hype and gains. I am prepared to lose them all but if the prices fall, I am prepared to invest further instead of bailing out as I strongly believe I’ll use them in the future regardless of the price anyway.

Cryptocurrencies currently make up my variable portfolio and excess funds. My Permanent Portfolio remains strictly vested in the 4 recommended asset classes1Stocks, Long Term Government Bonds, Gold and Cash and will form my safety net should the world go up in flames (if it delivers what it promises).

I’ve also discovered a mistake in my combined financial statistics graph for the last month. It does not accurately depict the average year-to-date values for all measured metrics. The following graph has corrected that error up to the month of November 2017.

MrLifeCEO - Combined Financial Statistics - November 2017

Although expenses did went up slightly for November, but the overall numbers are still good and we’re well on our way. Both the missus and myself have made additional investments into REITs, which should start contributing to our passive income sometime around January.

The market is a bit overpriced at this point — yah but who am I to say? I cannot see into the future, it could probably be a bargain now, give it a few more months down the road. That’s why we’re buying in smaller amounts now and balancing up on the gold component of our Permanent Portfolios.



Here’s how my spending looks like for November.

MrLifeCEO - Expense Distribution - Nov2017


To put things into perspective. The additional spending on “Others” and “Medical” are all claimable under my company’s insurance. Went to get some prescriptive glasses and shades for myself and Mrs L.CEO and also bought a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine for my recently diagnosed sleep apnea.

Shopping expenses did go up. Got myself Doom for the Switch, a GPD Win as well as a robot vacuum for the house. That’s what 11/11 does to people, although in fair honestly, the discount on those items were barely noticeable from the usual “discount” that has been listed on Lazada.

For the Gifts category, I bought a wooden whiskey glass case together with 2 Norlan whiskey glasses (black edition), meant to be a gift for the wife’s sister’s boyfriend’s parents (whew what a mouthful) — who bought me a rather expensive bottle of whiskey back earlier in the year. A word on the Norlan whiskey glasses: Those folks know their whiskey glasses. Worth checking it out if you care about whiskey.

The whiskey given to me was a limited edition Blasmhor, and they got it based on a casual remark I made about it being the best whiskey I’ve ever tasted, when they brought a bottle to a family gathering.

Here’s that bottle. Only 245 bottles in existence.MrLifeCEO - Blasmhor Best Whiskey

As you can see, such costs are hardly avoidable.


Where We Stand

In usual tradition, here’s a look at where we stand today.

MrLifeCEO - FI Milestones- Nov2017

Due to the rise in my crypto investments, there is finally some significant progress in my F.I. milestones. My net worth could tentatively cover more than a quarter of the non-discretionary Family expenses after fully funding non-discretionary Utilities and Transport expenses.

We’ll just have to see if cryptos will continue their journey to the moon in December!


Footnotes   [ + ]

1. Stocks, Long Term Government Bonds, Gold and Cash

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