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A Singaporean’s Financial Independence Journey – October 2017

The months fly past ever so quickly and it is time once again for another update.

Whenever I think about doing this for another 11 years, it seems like it will take forever — but when I think about it, that’s like only 132 more posts to financial freedom!

Re-framing is an interesting concept that helped a lot with my financial decisions, perhaps that’s something I should write about.

Anyway, work sucks as usual. All the more fuel to stay put on course. To sum it up, here’s a quote from Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein: Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity. I'm not sure about the universe.
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I have nothing against stupid people. I wouldn’t even call anyone stupid if he or she is just slow but has the right attitude. However, I definitely have issue with perfectly normal people saying/doing stupid things with a bad attitude. Albert is right, there seems to be no shortage of such stupidity, especially so in the working world.

But enough ranting, on with the update! I’m beyond late for this one!


Key Statistics

Stats / Average YTD till October 2017SoloVarianceCombinedVariance
Net Worth:$103,934.31+7.87%$157,356.68+7.56%
Savings Rate:55.98%+2.06%55.70%+2.23%
Actual Return:7.36%+1.32%6.43%+1.81%
I/We can stop working for:28 months+12%29 months+7.41%
Passive Income / Month:$169.52+4.66%$230.68+7.95%
F.I Ratio:4.63%+0.31%4.48%+0.44%

Mr Life CEO - Combined Financial Statistics - Oct 2017

Everything looks green for the month of October as we inch ever so closer to F.I. Our combined F.I ratio has hit  4.35%. Of course, it’s still a long way to go, but every 10% should be a milestone in itself I guess. The plan now is to put more into my variable portfolio to boost passive income. The missus also intends to start a variable portfolio of her own.

The Permanent Portfolio is a great investment strategy for those that are just starting out and not sure if they can stomach the volatility of the market. However, now that we have a sizable net worth in ours, it is time to venture into more adventurous territory that has the potential for higher returns.

Investing isn’t difficult, it’s a combination of managing risks, avoiding panic selling and leveraging on the earning power of your youth.



I’m trying out a new format for the spending chart for this month. Not sure if this is better than the last one.

Mr Life CEO - Expense Distribution - Oct 2017

I guess this helps emphasize the amount spent on the family as compared to all other categories of expenses.

I worry for 11/11, cos that’s when all the big Alibaba and Lazada sales are going to happen. I’m gonna take note of how much actual savings can be had or is it just a marketing gimmick to get people to spend.

Finally got to pull out the NINTENDO SWITCH for the missus! After hiding it for 2 weeks since the purchase made in late September, we had a blast with it during October playing Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8. The missus was pleased. Money well spent.

After fooling around with the Switch, I did some research online and chanced upon this little gem called the GPD Win. It’s supposedly a full blown Windows 10 machine that could fit into your pocket and capable of running many PC games, albeit under some “highly optimized” settings. The Switch is supposed to have some really highly anticipated titles coming to the handheld, like Skyrim and Doom, but portable Fallout anyone?


Where We Stand

So as usual, to wrap it all up, here are all the categories of expenses averaged from year to date — as well as the corresponding passive income as of October 2017 that can supposedly fund the non-discretionary portions of those expenses.

Mr Life CEO - FI Milestones - Oct 2017

Yeah you’ll probably need a microscope to notice any difference between October’s chart and September’s.

But that’s the way these things go — like watching beans sprout.

Stay the course!


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