Power of F.U. Money Unleashed

Mr Life CEO - Power of F.U. Money Unleashed

Last week, Mrs L.C. unleashed the power of her F.U money.

She quit her job to devote her time to a more meaningful and satisfying endeavor – freelance makeup.

But most importantly, to stop cleaning up after lazy folks while being short-changed for her efforts.

A little background. Mrs L.C. had been working for this Fortune 500 company as an administrative executive for the last 3 years.

Not one promotion, just two increments. The first, 1% (or $33/month), which happened during her second year and the other, 3% (or $99/month) on her last year.

This, despite her working hard to positively change the image of the administrative department. Despite her completing every assignment above and beyond expectations. Despite her asking her supervisor, let’s call him Mr E, on what else she would need to do to get an above average rating — only to be given more “opportunities” to prove herself. Which, despite being accomplished, changed nothing.

There are just some things in life that are beyond our control. Like a boss that prefers the easy way out rather than doing what’s right — such as promoting the under-performer, simply because she is “due” for one. Or giving everyone an “average” rating, regardless of performance, because it is the option that requires the least free-form inputs.

Then there are things we can control, like building a position of power and confidence — where you can go on for the next couple of years without your current salary and without cutting back on your lifestyle — so that you can stop putting up with such nonsense.

That is what F.U. money can do for you.

That was the confidence that Mrs L.C. took with her when she went to Mr E asking for a 2-month sabbatical, to ponder over her future with the company. It must be the first real red flag for Mr E, after all those previous times which he had refused to address the issue of Mrs L.C.’s promotion, instead showering her with “opportunities” to prove herself. When he asked Mrs L.C. to take a couple of days to think about her decision (while buying himself some time to formulate something), we’re sure that he knew that this time round, sh*t’s different.

So here’s another thing to note.

There are currently 2 offices, one in the Central Business District (CBD) and one in Changi Business Park (CPB). Mrs L.C. is stationed in CBD, while the rest of her department are in CBP.

This coming May, the CBD office will be closed and everyone, including Mrs L.C., will have to report to the CBP office — which is a 3-hour commute to-and-fro. This is also something beyond our control, and one of the major considerations whether Mrs. L.C. should continue working for this company.

A few days later, Mr E came back to Mrs L.C., with grand plans for her career, how she would be taking on a totally new role when she moves to the CBP office, how he has already planned to promote her in July, how they plan to get the company to sponsor her cab rides to and from work.

Leveraging on her relationship with HR, Mrs L.C. found out that even if she got her promotion this year, she will barely get any increment as her current pay is already beyond the ceiling of the next grade. The company used to have quarterly promotions for administration staff, to facilitate such gradual progressions, but that was halted about a year ago, leaving only the annual promotion as the only way to move up the pay ladder. We all knew how that went.

The quarterly promotion was re-instated this year, but apparently, no one was promoted in March. Due to the lack of initiative from Mr E, she had been robbed of her earning power from this point onward. The company never had a history of double-promoting anyone less than a manager, so that hope is out the window.

That’s why issues related to HR are always so “confidential”. Withholding information is always for the benefit of the company, never the employee. For the staff to come across such privileged information, empowers them to make better decisions for themselves.

With this knowledge in mind and armed with her position of power, Mrs L.C. was having second thoughts about her sabbatical now. There is no point going down this road of diminishing returns. She decided to call it quits.

She handed in her resignation the next day, apparently, together with the a** of Mr E on a silver platter. Literally. One of the HR staff told Mrs L.C. after she left the office that day, that Mr E was left stunned at his desk, starring at the mess that he had coming… all packaged nicely in a small white envelope.

As it turned out, unbeknownst to Mrs L.C., Mr E and their boss, Mr R, had submitted a proposal to outsource the entire admin department, letting go of the other 2 staff — one which they promoted last year, despite all the negative feedback from folks who have worked with her, and the other, whom they converted to permanent the year before and has been leveraging on the company insurance benefits ever since, by going on long bouts of medical absence. The plan was to keep Mrs L.C. to manage the vendor.

Now, with all hopes staked on their last remaining employee, whom despite her positive feedback from numerous staff in the company, decides to quit, citing the lack of career progress.

Both Mr R and Mr E sure owe HR a boatload of explanation now.

Now that’s power that only comes with F.U money.

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