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Universal Intelligence: The Most Powerful Force For Achieving Anything You Want

Mr Life CEO - Universal Intelligence_ The Most Powerful Force For Achieving Anything You Want

In 1974, a 12-year old boy and his family suddenly found themselves out in the streets when his father lost his accounting job. In the midst of struggling to find work to support themselves, the boy never resented his parents. He made it his personal mission to bring joy to them, especially to his mother, who was suffering from a myriad of illnesses, through comedic antics taken on from his father.

His father helped him put together a stage act at the Toronto Yuk Yuk comedy club in 1977. However, his acts and impersonations fell flat, which left the young comedian questioning his capabilities as a professional entertainer. The family’s financial struggle made it difficult to support his ambition. So when the lad turned 19, he moved to Hollywood to continue his search for acting jobs and comedy gigs.

Years went by and there were still no signs of any breakthroughs. Broke and depressed some time in 1987, the young man drove his beat-up car up the Hollywood hills one night, and sat overlooking the lights of Los Angeles. There he visualized how one day, directors will be interested in him and people whom he respected will tell him how they loved his work. To cement his would-be success, he wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars for “acting services rendered” and post-dated it, thanksgiving, 1995.

Things didn’t seem to change much in the following years, filled with minor roles on TV shows, movies and the occasional comedy gig, but each time he opened his wallet, the check served to remind him of his destiny, and so he pressed on.

Then, just before thanksgiving 1995, he received a paycheck for his role in a movie called Dumb and Dumber — for 10 million dollars.

This man, is none other than the one and only, Jim Carrey.


Give in to Universal Intelligence

What you’ve just read, was the work of Universal Intelligence.

No, it’s not some religious faith that I’ve came up with that worships the ever-expanding vastness of outer space. I first came across it in this book, which the author explains how it can be leveraged to make money. In it, it brought up Jim Carrey’s story and it inspired me to find out how best to explain this phenomenon to people using psychology.

The way I would describe Universal Intelligence in action, it’s more like the exhibition of incredible wisdom of choice, coupled with the amazing alignment of opportunities that we often see happening to people who seemingly just ask for what they want… and eventually get it. Famously embodied in the saying, “Ask and you shall receive”.

So why does it not happen to everyone then? Is it a lack of faith? Perhaps. But faith in what?

In the words of Jim Carrey himself, you can’t just ask for 10 million dollars and then say, go eat a sandwich (and expect to get what you’ve asked for). Just as how he can’t simply provide step-by-step instructions on obtaining your first 10-million-dollar check, because no such cookie-cutter guides exists due to the difference in timing, skills and circumstances that everyone else is in.

So how is his story going to be helpful to us?

You see, we human beings are problem solvers… and we’re damn good at it. That’s what sets us above the birds, fish and any other species inhabiting the planet today. Acknowledge that and know what you have to offer because sitting on top of that basic natural capability, we’re more or less the same psychologically. It’s our psychology that drives that fundamental behavior of solving problems to get what we want.

I’ve figured a couple of psychological factors at work here that I believe has big roles to play in Universal Intelligence, or faith in the human condition.


It is how you will notice a whole lot more blue cars than usual, if you’ll let yourself do so while you’re out and about today.

In Jim Carrey’s case, deeply fantasizing what it felt like to be a highly successful entertainer commits that thought experience into his subconscious. So convinced he was that it’s real that it would illicit strong positive emotions for him to crave it… to look out for it in his day-to-day activities.

It would be like how your heart flutters each time you spot someone from the back sporting a similar-looking hairstyle as your crush — it’s not that you’re actively searching for these look-alikes, it just so happens your subconscious mind somehow manages to pick them out every where you go!

The same would go for an ambitious comedian actor, who would experience bouts of excitement whenever he somehow identifies ways to hone his craft or spots an opportunity to further his career. That is why folks with strong ambitions always seem to be at the right place at the right time. The universe is abundant, but it takes someone who has a clear set of motivations, to be positively primed to notice and take advantage of opportunities when they come knocking.

Target Fixation

It is the reason experts advice that to survive a car skid while behind the wheel, is to avoid looking at where you don’t want to crash into. Therefore, focus your attention on where you want to go to avoid the collision.

Eyes on the prize, is what it is more positively known.

Just as how the arms subconsciously steer one towards where he looks, the mind and body coordinates subconsciously towards achieving a defined goal — in this case, 10 million dollars — written on a post-dated check sitting in Mr Carrey’s wallet and reminding him of his target every time he needs to pay someone.

How? It is difficult to say because it varies so much from person to person. Just trust your innate problem-solving skills and positive priming, and that would be how Universal Intelligence guides you towards your goal.

The key is to focus on the What and When. The Hows and Whys will figure themselves out.


My Personal Experience

Why am I so fascinated about Universal Intelligence?

It would seem that I had unknowingly experienced its effects. It was only after I’ve read about it and came across Jim Carrey’s story that I realized it had helped me achieve the target salary I’ve set for myself 6-7 years ago.

You see, when I first started out in 2009, I wasn’t paid very much. Today, I’m drawing a lower six figure annual salary.

Mr Life CEO's Salary Progression

How? Because people around me were drawing six figures and saw myself doing the same within the next 5 years.

I went researching on how to ace interviews, managing expectations and improve my persuasion capabilities. I took notice when my job didn’t seem to be progressing and embraced opportunities when they came knocking at the door.

Of course, it took a good 6 to 7 years since setting my target and positively priming myself up till today. The path was riddled with ups and downs, including my first retrenchment in early 2015, that lasted for 2 weeks.

I’ve never always got what I asked for, but realized that if I asked often enough, sometimes the answer lies in the rejection and when something else comes along to give me the answer I was looking for, I would have already known the choice to make.

We all choose our own paths and hopefully you’ll find yours.

Here’s Jim Carrey and all his motivational goodness:



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