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Will You Pass The Marshmallow Test?

Will you be able to pass this test if you were these kids?

You’re probably laughing at them now. This is such a no-brainer.

But what if I were to put it this way — Do you have any savings?

If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘barely any’, you would’ve been the one to chomp down that marshmallow the moment the tester left the room… together with 4 out of 5 young Singaporeans, which according to a 2014 survey, had no savings as well.

Delayed gratification is a self-discipline that decides whether one can hold back the immediate want, in order to address the future need, that comes with a compensation bonus. The most obvious application of this discipline is the handling of personal finance, aka saving and investing for the future.

But is it just about marshmallows and money or is there much more to this?

Dr Michio Kaku puts this in a new perspective.

He is right.

Understanding the concept of “tomorrow” is what sets us above and apart from other species. So why not embrace it and fully realize your human potential?

Embrace tomorrow — and be better.

Be better than 80% of young Singaporeans who only care about how others perceive their current success.

Be better than that incompetent boss who has no idea that you’re building up your F.U. money, for a future without her idiotic, short-sighted and oppressive remarks.

Be better than that lazy colleague who is politicizing the workplace, desperately clinging onto his job, so as to service his family, a luxury car and $2 million home mortgage… on an annual salary below $100K.

All because you can understand that freedom is waiting for you in the future, and you can save and invest towards it today.

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